Metaboards presenting at Wireless Power Week 2019

Talk: Large-area wireless charging enabled by Metamaterials


Plenary 4:

Irina Khromova (Head of Science and Technology - Metaboards Ltd) - Friday 21st June: morning

Near-field wireless power solutions are expanding to provide simultaneous charging of multiple devices without strict alignment requirements. It is possible thanks to metamaterials - purposefully-designed structures offering unprecedented freedom in tailoring the propagation of waves. This talk is about the metamaterials approach to wireless power- and data-transfer solutions. I will highlight the challenges of the industrial adoption of metamaterials technologies and the unique benefits this approach brings to the emerging world of wireless charging.

Irina leads the development of new technologies and products. Her broad scientific and technical expertise includes metamaterials and spans from RF engineering to THz technologies and nonlinear optics. Irina holds a position of Assistant Professor at the Public University of Navarra. She holds a PhD in Physics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Irina has worked at leading universities in the UK, Spain, Russia, Australia, Netherlands and Denmark.