Wireless charging at 6.78MHz

Enabling larger electronic devices to be powered across large surfaces without the need for alignment, with focused power delivery from a single source. Metaboards’ proprietary technology can be used in many different environments and installation options, including offices, cafes and at home where energy can be focused to the charging devices without the need of alignment. This creates more flexible and functional wireless power solutions.


  • No wires or cables
  • Support for multiple device charging in parallel
  • No vulnerable connectors to disconnect or mis-align
  • Integrated into furniture, walls or flooring
  • Frequency tuneable and safe
Wireless Charging Surface

Easy integration

The technology can be readily integrated into almost any surface (furniture, clothing, carpets, wallpaper etc) to provide an environment where data and power can be sent to any device in close proximity. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, printers and media devices can all charge and communicate with one another from a table-top integrated with the metamaterial.