NFC Wireless charging

Introduction to NFC Wireless charging

NFC is the wireless charging standard of choice for smaller consumer and IoT devices. It delivers power from 100mW up to 1W of power at 13.56MHz leveraging existing electronics and antennae already used in NFC enabled devices.

Metaboards proprietary solution allows for multiple NFC-enabled wireless charging devices to be powered in parallel from a single power source without the need for precise alignment.

NFC Wireless Charging


Connected devices for which space is at a premium can benefit from NFC wireless charging, including:

  • Hearing aids
  • Ear buds
  • Fitness trackers
  • Digital accessories
  • VR/AR products
  • Remote controls
NFC Wireless charging devices

Our proof-of-concept demonstrator showcases our proprietary multi-device NFC charging solution

  • A large 20cm by 20cm charging surface
  • Powered by a single power source, delivering up to 1W
  • Supporting multi-device charging
  • No need for alignment devices can be charged anywhere on the surface
  • Targeted power delivery only to where each device is located