Metaboards appoints Francesco Carobolante as its Technical Adviser

(Oxford, UK, 7 March 2022) Metaboards welcomes Francesco Carobolante as its Technical & Markets Adviser for the world of wireless charging.

Nevada-based Carobolante is well known throughout the industry after 10 years at Qualcomm where he developed their magnetic-resonance based Wireless Power Transfer technology, WiPower. This was recognized by TIME Magazine as a Top 10 Tech Product Design and received a CES Innovation Award. He was the original founder of the A4WP (now AFA) standards consortium and has many other industry firsts to his name.

His role will be, as an evangelist of wireless charging, to act as our ambassador on the global electronic device arena to engage with future customers and partners whose products will benefit from Metaboards’ charging technology.

Simon Harris, Executive Chairman at Metaboards, said: “Francesco has a wide command of mobile and wireless technologies, motion control, power management, RF, IoT, signal processing and wireless power transfer. He’s been watching our progress and we’re delighted he’s free to work with us to help bring our charging technology to market.

“His mission, which he is pleased to accept, is to lead and guide us up to the exhibition platform at CES Las Vegas in January 2023, where we plan to unveil our market-ready charging platform.”


About Metaboards

Oxford-based Metaboards was founded in 2016 by professors from Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science, with the objective of focussing on wireless charging and data transfer using metamaterials.

Plugging in and charging multiple devices is inconvenient. Wireless charging today is limited to one device per charger and requires careful alignment. This problem will get worse as the adoption of personal or IoT devices is surging at a rate of more than 20% a year.

Metaboards has the solution: its wireless charging technology offers an unprecedented level of freedom. Several devices can charge at the same time anywhere on a large surface, without the need for alignment and all from a single power source. See video.

The company is a pioneer in commercialising metamaterials – the science of engineering multi-element systems to achieve desired properties, often not found in nature.

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