ubiquitous wireless power

Creating advanced, licensable wireless power and data technologies


Metaboards is a metamaterials start-up. The company enables many electronic devices to be powered across large surfaces without the need for alignment, with focussed power. Metaboards' proprietary technology can be used in many different environments, including offices, cafes and at home where energy can be focused to the charging devices without the need of alignment. This creates more flexible and functional wireless power solutions.

Spatial Freedom

Our technology uses metamaterials to transmit and control magneto inductive waves (MIW) across surfaces. We use our proprietary tools, models and analytical methods to seamlessly designing these structures for any given demand of power and bandwidth.

Multiple Devices

Our technology can power multiple devices simultaneously across a surface with no need for exact alignment or to even be in contact with the surface.

Controllable Power

Our technology enables the power to be controlled across the surface - meaning it will be focussed on where you want it, not where you don't.

Metaboards in the press

Based in Oxford, UK, Metaboards is a pioneer in metamaterials – the science of creating materials in a certain shapes, sizes or orientations to give it unique properties that would not be found in nature – in this case the ability to wirelessly charge devices. The company is creating new and highly flexible ways to embed wireless charging into surfaces so that multiple items can be charged simultaneously without the need for close alignment or multiple power supplies. This transforms the functionality of wireless charging.

Metaboards’ vision is to create a world where electronic (or mobile) devices can be instantly and effectively powered or charged on any non-metallic surface. Smartphone and tablet users would never need to worry about running out of power again.

Metaboards’ objective is to test the boundaries of what is possible with metamaterials to create market leading products using cutting edge technologies.