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Plugging in and charging multiple devices is inconvenient, and wireless charging today is limited to one device per charger requiring careful alignment. This problem is only going to get worse, according to the NFC Forum, by 2030, there will be the equivalent of around 15 connected devices for every person on the planet.

Metaboards has the solution, our wireless charging technology offers an unprecedented level of freedom. Several devices can charge at the same time anywhere on a large surface, without the need for alignment and all from a single power source.

Based in Oxford, UK, Metaboards is a pioneer in developing wireless charging technology using metamaterials – the science of creating materials in certain shapes, sizes or orientation to give it unique properties that would not be found in nature.

  • Multiple device charging
  • Freedom of placement
  • Single power source
  • Scalability
  • Controllable power
  • Design freedom
About Us
Metaboards device charging in cafe

Metaboards wireless power transfer

Metaboards has developed a ground-breaking technology that exploits unique properties of metamaterials to enable targeted wireless power transfer from a single power source to multiple devices over large scalable areas without the need for precise alignment

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Large chargers for multiple electronic devices

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Wireless headphones, smart watches, smart wristbands, stylus pens, hearing aids, medical wearable monitors and test equipment, IOT sensors, and more

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Seamless wireless charging for personal, educational and professional use

Metaboards' technology takes wireless charging to the next level of user experience

Metaboards is pioneering the commercialisation of metamaterials technology, developing wireless charging solutions for low-power IoT devices, ready to be integrated with billions of NFC- enabled devices. Metaboards has recently expanded our ground breaking technology further to include an NFC wireless charging solution as part of our technology offering. This is in addition to our 6.78MHz Megahertz wireless charging solution that is already available.

Metaboards Wireless Charging

Seamless NFC charging experience

Metaboards’ latest wireless charging solution uses the NFC Forum wireless charging standard allowing multiple IoT devices to be charged simultaneously from a single power source without the need for precise alignment.

Key features of NFC wireless charging:

  • Charging at 13.56MHz
  • Power from 100mW to 1W
  • Supporting small consumer & IoT devices
  • Easy integration with tiny antenna footprints
  • Leveraging existing NFC comms 26-848kbps
  • Interoperability through standardisation from the NFC forum
NFC Wireless charging technology icon

NFC Wireless charging technology

Standardised and supported by the NFC forum offering a low cost flexible solution for low power IoT devices.

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NFC wireless charging demonstrator – IoT devices icon

NFC wireless charging demonstrator – IoT devices

Metaboards is the first wireless charging company to demonstrate multiple NFC devices charging wirelessly at the same time from a single power source. Enabling multiple small devices, to be charged often and in parallel.

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6.78MHz wireless charging technology – larger electronic devices icon

6.78MHz wireless charging technology – larger electronic devices

A large area (A3 size) charging solution for multiple higher-powered devices without the need for alignment. The wide range of applications include consumer electronics and industrial robotics.

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Our Innovative and Experienced team

Nimrata Boora

Nimrata Boora

Dr Irina Khromova

Dr Irina Khromova

Dennis O’Donovan

Dennis O’Donovan

Simon Harris

Simon Harris
Executive Chairman

About Our Team

Metaboards – created and supported by academia and innovation partners

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